Self Endearment is a hands-on approach to your own self-care journey. Our goal is to assist in a variety of ways that allows for you to discover wellness and increase awareness of your body.

Specializing in pain relief, we believe a better feeling body leads to a better feeling mind and relaxed spirit. Self Endearment provides clinical-style sessions in a comforting environment.

Every session is tailored to suit your individual needs, allowing for greater balance, awareness and well-being. By alleviating pain, escaping stress, and increasing your awareness, you ultimately will enjoy a happier and more productive life.

Self Endearment for...



Body Image

Mind and Body Awareness

Self Endearment for...


Spiritual Awakening

Joyful Living


"Amanda gives an amazing massage and takes the time to listen and "hear" what your body needs."
Gail Lynn
Life Center

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