Time For Myself…

You are a beautiful, magnificent, multi-dimensional being, who’s Soul purpose is to
Expand into Love and

As I sit here, I can’t help but thinking how small this life really is and how often one can get caught up in the monotony of everyday duties, completely missing the bigger picture all around, just waiting to be seen. The endless drive, work to pay the bills, pay the bills to live, hope there is enough left over to enjoy it (time and money, that is).

Sounds rather dull, if you ask me….

I for one have wanted more, there are endless things out in this world to experience, things that bring us joy, make our hearts sing, and lead us to dance in the rain for no reason.

But wait, what things? What were those again….?  Oh yes, remember, take time for myself.

It has always amazed me how something as small as taking five minutes to myself can drastically change my entire day. The world seems to turn just a little bit slower when I do. I enjoy things so much more and I really begin to see the beauty that surrounds me every minute. Though is the remembering to take that five minutes to be still, that thirty minutes to write in my journal, that hour to get a much needed massage or watch that movie I’ve been dying to see, really that hard? Or do I just forget to think about it?

Most of the time, I forget to think about it. That’s the trouble, we all forget about ourselves. Too busy taking care of the job, the house, the husband, the kids and the family pet to think that we need that time to reconnect and truly come from a place of love deep within ourselves. It is not that we don’t know how, we all know that if we sit with our morning coffee and enjoy it we feel better than when it ends up in a Thermos and chugged at stoplights on the way into work.

So, here is to saying enough is enough, self care and self love is now a priority. I hope that you will follow me in this journey, find the time, and the love for yourself to truly let your heart sing

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