About Emilia

Emilia is a 2012 graduate of Blue Sky Massage School in Greenbay, WI, and graduated with a focus on Medical Massage. She uses her in-depth knowledge of precision neuromuscular techniques, traditional Thai massage, energy work and years of experience to create a one of a kind experience, uniquely tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Emilia’s specialty is in traditional Thai Massage on a mat, where she can open the bodies energy lines through acupressure and assisted stretching. She has taken two journeys to Thailand to study this in the traditional way. Emilia also has a deep love for easing pain and tensions through neck, head and facial massage, which she has continued her education yearly in support of this passion.

Emilia is an avid outdoors woman and when she is not massaging you’ll find her on horseback through the countryside, doing yoga, hiking or simply enjoying the outdoors with friends.

Emilia approaches her work with gentle intentional flow. She can incorporate assisted stretching, clinical massage, and flowing relaxing Swedish movements. Emilia is able to seamlessly incorporate Tok Sen, Herbal Compress, Aromatherapy, and Hot Stones within any treatment.

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