Most people believe that in order to receive a proper massage, it needs to be so deep that it causes pain. That’s simply not the case. Massage therapy in certain areas can carry loads of benefits regardless of the amount of pressure that is applied. That is especially true with the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes specifically respond best to gentle rotating movements and play a key part in resisting sickness and healing. If you suspect your lymph nodes are swollen or are in need of stimulation, consult Self Endearment of Westminster to see what we can do for you.

The lymphatic system carries waste from tissues into the heart. When the system isn’t functioning properly, they’ll most likely swell which will result in throat pain all while making you more susceptible to common sicknesses. A lymphatic massage applies light pressure to the lymph nodes to encourage the flow and movement of lymphatic fluid and ultimately reduce the swelling. This stimulation allows the flow of lymphatic fluid to takes its course and assist in healing as well. Call Self Endearment today to see what we can do to help get you feeling better faster.

Lymphatic drainage massages have provided people with the relief that they need since the 1930s. It wasn’t until Danish doctors Emil and Estrid Vodder were consistently treating patients for chronic sinusitis that they found a common correlation between a swollen throat and their patients. Since then, certified providers continue to find chemical-free solutions to common colds and sinuses via lymphatic drainage massages. Call Self Endearment today to see how we can use this historic healing method to your benefit.