To understand neuromuscular therapy, you first have to understand both the brain and nervous system. One of the main purposes of your nervous system is to numb pain so you can continue to go about your day. In order to do this, the brain will send signals to the muscle enduring that pain and instruct the muscle to contract tightly. This limits the neurotransmitters to the brain telling it there’s pain and needs to be healed. Neuromuscular therapy hits the pain at the source of neurotransmitters. To investigate if this massage therapy method is the right choice for you.

Neuromuscular massages use pain to identify and ultimately reduce the pain. This is because the nervous system has been putting in so much effort to numb the pain that, in order to stimulate healing, pain needs to be induced. By applying pressure and slowly causing slight discomfort to the point slowly, the nervous system is forced to relax the point in order which ultimately reduces the pain. Consult Self Endearment today to see how we can start your healing process.

Neuromuscular massages best treat conditions like ischemia, myofascial triggers, neural entrapment, which is pressure on nerves by muscles and other soft tissues, and nerve compression which is pressure on nerves by osseous and other bonelike tissues, such as cartilage or discs. Other physical imbalances that can be helped by this method include posture and dysfunctional gait patterns. To see how neuromuscular massage therapy can help you, give Self Endearment a call or come visit us at our Westminster location.