The professional massage therapists at Self Endearment of Westminster understand that the body and spirit are inextricably linked, and therefore, that any approach to health needs to encourage wellness in both of these areas. That is why they’ve extensively studied the techniques and benefits of reiki healing, a traditional Japanese practice that works with the body’s natural energy field to aid in relaxation, stress reduction, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki is a natural art that focuses on the body’s energy flow and our professionals will work with you to identify where you may have energy blocks in order to alleviate them. The trusted experts at Self Endearment have been part of the Westminster healing community for more than a decade and continue to offer the same care and compassion as they did in the very beginning, encouraging clients to grow and learn about themselves in a healing environment.

Reiki is a healing art designed to increase and free unbalanced energy in the body. The word “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei” or “universal life” and “ki” which means “energy.” Self Endearment of Westminster offers reiki massage as a noninvasive way to heal the body through light touch or even just the proximity of the therapist’s hands to the body using learned techniques that include up to 20 specially designed hand positions. Reiki massage therapy aims to realign each individual’s “chi,” the life force that runs through each one of us. Negativity can disrupt the flow of life energy, leading to discomfort and even disease. When properly realigned, the life energy will nourish cells and aid in healing.

In sessions that last from 60 to 90 minutes, a Self Endearment therapist will discuss your areas of concern and give you the opportunity to share any issues you’ve experienced as well as what you’re hoping to achieve through treatment. The actual session can include light touch or no touch at all, during which the therapist will only hold his or her hands above your body in order to remove any energy blockages you have. Experiences differ from client to client; however, you may experience moments of deep relaxation or invigoration, tingling, hot or cold sensations.