As a Performance Physical Therapist, I am always looking for a Massage Therapist that has a strong background in anatomy and gives focus to how their work is going to actually solve a client’s problems. Amanda is awesome and truly understands what benefits focused bodywork can do in helping a person heal and return to the life they love! If you are having any issues with scar tissue or any medically related soft tissue problem, go see her now.

Hello! I have had a decent amount of experience with massage over the years of living in different locations and through traveling. I also have a few massage therapist in my family. With that said the therapist Amanda at Self Endearment and also Debbie are some of the best therapists I have been to, ever! You won’t regret giving them a try or a going monthly for your health and mental wellbeing!

I felt amazing after my massage with Amanda. I went ahead and scheduled another one in a month.

I have plenty of massages before and this one was fantastic.
It was incredible professional, she took all my injuries (which I have plenty) into great consideration, and was always sure that I was getting benefits during the session. My injuries feel better and without a lot of the pain most deep tissue massage come with.