There are times when selective care and surgical precision is necessary to properly care for your body. If it seems like you’ve tried just about everything, it might be time to give a trigger point massage a try. In many cases, trigger points are developed after experiencing muscle trauma. Relieve muscular pain and dysfunction through applied pressure to trigger points of referred pain, through stretching exercises and a number of other techniques. There are a few reports that show this method can be a remedy to several physical ailments. Those include headaches, temporomandibular joint pain, and low back pain. In addition, some clients can use trigger point massages as a temporary pain reliever to treat constant pains like osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tinnitus, migraines, sciatica, and sports injuries.

As the name suggests, trigger point methods require much more precision than the average message therapy services. The process starts by determining the depth and location of the trigger points. After we locate the trigger points, the process of treating each specific trigger point begins. Since trigger points develop from trauma and cause pain from the contraction and shortening of the muscle, the massage therapy focuses on releasing and elongating the point. To determine whether this is the best method to relieve your pain, call Self Endearment of Westminster today!

There are several different ways to find relief through trigger point therapy. One, developed by doctors Simons and Travell, involves applying pressure with a finger or small device and slowly increasing the depth of pressure as the point slowly releases and relaxes. Other methods involve using dry needles, but it should not be confused with acupuncture which focuses on the flow of “chi.” These methods can be proven to be incredibly helpful for specific types of pain. Find out whether this method is the best choice for your pain by consulting Self Endearment.